Cardi B and Reebok Expand Their Let Me Be…Enchanted Collection

Cardi B has partnered with Reebok once again for the expansion of her Let Me Be…Enchanted collection. This time, the rapper’s line will feature all-new apparel starting at $45 USD. This includes the Cardi Leotard 2-in-1, which is back in new colorways.

‘Let Me Be…Enchanted’ collection

Cardi B and Reebok are partnering up again to expand their Let Me Be…Enchanted collection, which will include a broader range of apparel options. The line will include expanded colorways of the Cardi B Classic Leather Sneaker V2, new colorways of the Cardi Leotard 2-in-1, and a Cardi Bralette. Other new pieces include the Cardi Knit Hoodi with matching pants and a Cardi Body Layer top.

The Let Me Be…Enchanted collection will be available in women’s sizes 2XS to 4X, and will celebrate body positivity through figure-flattering silhouettes and fabrics. “The Reebok brand is committed to celebrating the diversity of women and ensuring that we can all wear clothing that looks great on everyone,” says Kelly Dunn, Product Manager of Reebok’s apparel.

The Reebok Cardi B collection will feature clothes, sneakers, and accessories in plus sizes. The apparel collection will also feature a variety of colors and prints. This allows women of all sizes to match up the various styles to make their own statement and look amazing.

‘Let Me Be…Next Level Energy’ collection

Cardi B’s new collaboration with sportswear giant Reebok is full of intensity and boldness. The collection will be available for purchase on October 14, and features a colorful color palette. The entire collection is aimed at helping women embrace the highs and lows of life. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers or a new jacket, this collection is sure to get you inspired.

For this collaboration, the two rappers partnered up to create an apparel line for women and men. The line features vibrant crystals, which exude a vibrant glow. The pieces also feature an elasticized waistband and hip details for added stretch. The pieces range in price from $35 to $150.

The collection includes both clothing and footwear in a crystal color scheme. The Club C Cardi V2 is an upgrade on the original Club C Cardi and has asymmetrical details. The Cardi Slide is another option with an asymmetrical silhouette.

‘Let Me Be…Enchanted’ sweatshirt

Cardi B is back with a new collection with Reebok called Let Me Be…Enchanted, featuring all-new apparel, starting at $45 USD. The collection features the expanded Classic Leather Cardi B V2, new colorways of the Cardi Leotard 2-in-1, and a Cardi Knit Hoodi with matching pants.

The Let Me Be…Enchanted collection celebrates body positivity by providing figure-flattering silhouettes and materials that flatter all body shapes. “We want women to feel good about themselves and be confident in their skin,” says Kelly Dunn, Product Manager for Reebok apparel.

The Cardi leotard, a limited edition item, sold out within hours. The reissued version will be available in three new colors, as well as plus sizes. A full range of Cardi apparel is also being released this summer. The collection will be available at Reebok and Foot Locker stores.

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