How to Care for a CD-SOT Horse

CD-SOT (Coldblooded Sport of Tomorrow) horses are an exciting new breed that have been developed specifically for competitive sport. In this article, we will explore how to care for these special animals and the benefits it brings both the horse and its owner.

The Basics of CD-SOT Horse Care

There are several basic steps you need to take in order to properly care for your CD-SOT horse. These include:

Feeding: It is important to provide your CD-SOT with a balanced diet that includes plenty of fiber and low sugar content. You can feed them hay or grass depending on the climate, as well as providing fresh water at all times.

Grooming: Regular grooming helps keep their coat healthy by removing dirt and mud from their mane and tail, while also using a hoof pick to clean their hooves thoroughly.

Exercise: Providing regular exercise is essential in keeping your CD-SOT fit and healthy; riding them or taking them out on walks is one way of doing so successfully.

The Benefits of Caring For Your CD-SOT Horse

Caring correctly for your coldblooded sport horse has numerous advantages including improved health due to proper nutrition, grooming, and exercise; increased bonding between you two through time spent together caring; better performance when competing thanks to being healthier overall; plus many more!


Taking good care of any animal requires dedication but especially so with horses – particularly those bred specifically like Coldblooded Sports Of Tomorrow (CD Sot). By following some simple guidelines such as feeding appropriately, regularly grooming & exercising then owners can enjoy great rewards such as improved health & performance along with stronger bonds formed between themselves & their equine companion(s).

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