Exploring the Many Meanings of Investing

The word “how2invest” has become synonymous with putting money into something with the expectation of generating future financial returns. However, the meanings and nuances of investing extend far beyond just financial investments. The act of investing one’s time, energy, and other non-monetary resources can also reap significant personal rewards if approached strategically.

Investing Money 

Investing money involves allocating financial capital into vehicles like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. The goal is to generate higher risk-adjusted returns over time through the power of compounding. Wise financial investing is key to building long-term wealth.

Investing in Relationships

Relationships thrive when we invest time and energy into caring for people we value. This can involve simple acts like making time for deep conversations, providing emotional support during tough times, or celebrating milestones together. Invest in your closest relationships first.

Investing in Yourself

Self-investment means dedicating resources to your personal growth and well-being. This can include pursuing education, cultivating healthy habits, and focusing on hobbies that bring you joy and meaning. Invest in becoming the best version of yourself. 

Investing in Experiences 

Money spent on experiences often brings more lasting happiness than material purchases. Travelling, learning new skills, and experiencing cultural events create meaningful memories. Be judicious in investing discretionary funds in experiences.

Investing in Health

Good health underpins everything you want to accomplish in life. Invest time and effort into eating well, exercising, getting quality sleep, and developing a positive mindset. Your physical and mental health are invaluable assets.

Investing in Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Consistent learning provides compound returns in the form of skills, perspective, and innovation. Read books, take courses, and have intellectual conversations to continually expand your knowledge base.

Investing in Planning

Dedicate time to reflect, set goals, and develop detailed plans across all aspects of your life. Visualise your ideal future self and work backwards to map out how to strategically invest your resources to bring that vision to life.

Investing in Your Community

Giving back by volunteering time or donating to causes you care about enriches your life and builds a better community. Supporting people in need is an investment that uplifts humanity.


While investing often refers to money, dedicating your personal resources more broadly can yield invaluable fulfilment and growth. Be thoughtful in how you invest your time, energy, and focus into the things that matter most.


Q: What are some non-financial investments that can enrich your life?

A: investing in relationships, experiences, health, knowledge, planning for goals, personal growth, and community service. 

Q: How does investing in yourself generate returns? 

A: It expands your skills, capabilities, knowledge, and wellbeing. This compounds over time to help you maximise opportunities and live more fully.

Q: What are easy ways to invest in your health every day?

Simple habits like eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress through mindfulness/meditation.

Q: How do you determine which relationships deserve more investment? 

A: Invest more in family, close friendships, and relationships that add positivity. Let go of toxic relationships that drain your energy.

Q: Why is planning an investment that generates long-term returns important?

A: Visualising your goals, making detailed plans to achieve them, and executing with discipline leads to desired outcomes.

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