General Hospital Spoilers: What to Expect from Sonny Corinthos

Sonny Corinthos is a beloved character on the long-running soap opera General Hospital. He has been through many ups and downs over the years, but fans are always eager to know what’s next for him. Here we will explore some of the upcoming spoilers related to Sonny and his story arc in 2020.

What We Know So Far About Sonny’s Story Arc:

So far, it appears that Sonny will be facing off against Cyrus Renault as they battle for control of Port Charles. This rivalry could potentially lead to dangerous consequences if things get out of hand between them. Additionally, there have been rumors that Carly may find herself caught up in this conflict as well, which would add an extra layer of drama into the mix.

Other Potential Developments For Sonny:

 – A possible reconciliation with Mike Corbin (his father): After their tumultuous relationship throughout 2019, it looks like there might be hope for these two yet! It remains unclear how exactly this plotline will play out or where it will go from here, but viewers can expect some interesting developments when it comes to their relationship moving forward.

 – Possible romance with Brando Corbin (his nephew): There have also been hints at a potential romantic connection between Brando and Sonny down the line – something that could complicate matters even further given their family ties! Whether or not anything actually happens between them remains unknown right now though so only time will tell…


It seems clear that viewers should prepare themselves for plenty more exciting twists and turns involving everyone’s favorite mobster in 2020! With all sorts of possibilities looming ahead regarding both his personal life and business dealings alike, one thing is certain – no matter what happens next with Sonny Corinthos you won’t want to miss a single moment!

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