What is Unruggable?

Unruggable is a term used to describe horses that are difficult or impossible to rug. This article will explore what unruggable means and why it can be beneficial for horse owners.

Understanding Unruggable:

Unruggable refers to horses that cannot tolerate wearing rugs, which are pieces of clothing designed specifically for equines. These animals may become agitated when they wear the garments, leading them to act out in an attempt to remove the item from their body. In some cases, this behavior can even lead to injury if not managed properly by the owner.

Benefits of Owning an Unruggable Horse:

 – Reduced Risk of Injury: By owning an unruggeble horse, you reduce your risk of having your animal injure themselves while trying to remove their rugging garment. As such, you don’t have worry about any potential harm coming their way due to improper use of equipment on your part as a responsible owner.

 – Increased Bonding Time with Your Animal: Since you won’t need spend time putting on and taking off rugs every day, you get more quality bonding time with your horse instead! You can take advantage of this extra free time together by going for rides around the paddock or simply spending some quiet moments grooming each other – whatever works best for both parties involved!

 – Improved Comfort Levels During Cold Weathers: Although many people believe that all horses should be rugged during cold weathers regardless if they like it or not; there are actually benefits associated with leaving certain breeds (such as those who suffer from skin allergies) without one during winter months too! Not only does this help keep them comfortable but also prevents further irritation caused by materials found within traditional blankets/rugs which could worsen existing conditions over prolonged periods usage!

Conclusion :

Owning an unrugged horse has its advantages and disadvantages depending on individual circumstances; however overall these animals tend provide greater comfort levels throughout colder seasons whilst reducing risks associated with injuries caused through attempts at removing items placed upon them against their wishes! Ultimately though whether someone decides go down route ultimately comes down personal preference so make sure consider pros cons before making final decision either way !

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