Warning: Major Spoilers for Jason (2020) Ahead!

Jason is a horror movie released in 2020 that follows the story of a group of camp counselors who are terrorized by an ancient Greek monster. The film has been met with both critical and commercial success, but it also contains some major spoilers which can ruin the viewing experience if you’re not prepared. In this article, we will discuss these major plot points so that viewers know what to expect before they watch the movie.

Major Spoiler 1:

The Monster Is Not What It Seems:  Throughout most of the movie, it appears as though there is only one monster stalking the campgrounds – however, near the end of the film it is revealed that there are actually two monsters at work. This twist comes as quite a surprise to many viewers and adds another layer to an already thrilling story.

Major Spoiler 2:

One Of The Camp Counselors Is A Traitor: Early on in Jason, one of the main characters reveals themselves to be working with or even controlling one of the monsters from behind-the-scenes. This betrayal leads to several tense moments throughout the remainder of the film and ultimately sets up its shocking ending.

Major Spoiler 3:

There Are Multiple Endings To Choose From : At various points during Jason’s runtime, different decisions made by certain characters lead them down alternate paths towards different endings – including ones where everyone survives unscathed and others where tragedy strikes hard and fast . As such , no two viewings will ever be exactly alike !

Conclusion :

Knowing about these three major spoilers ahead time can help prepare any viewer for what lies ahead when watching Jason . While knowing all these details may take away from some surprises along your journey through this horror classic , being aware beforehand helps ensure you get maximum enjoyment outta every scene !

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