Riding the Hallyu Wave: Top Twitter Trends in Korea

South Korea, a country known for its dynamic culture and technological advancements, is also a significant player in setting global trends, especially on Twitter. From K-pop to Korean dramas, let’s dive into the latest trends that are captivating the Twitterverse in Korea.

Introduction to Korea’s Twitter Landscape

Twitter has become a vital platform in Korea for sharing news, entertainment, and social commentary. It reflects the pulse of the nation’s interests and the global impact of Korean culture.

K-Pop: Dominating the Charts and Trends

K-pop groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, and EXO consistently trend on Twitter, with fans tweeting about music releases, concert dates, and fan projects.

Korean Dramas: The Buzz on Twitter

Hit shows like “Crash Landing on You” and “Squid Game” have sparked international conversations, making Korean dramas a recurring theme in Twitter trends.

Tech Innovations: Samsung and Beyond

Korea’s tech giants, such as Samsung, often trend on Twitter with announcements of new gadgets, innovations, and collaborations.

Political Movements: A Digital Agora

Twitter serves as a digital agora for political discourse in Korea, with hashtags related to elections, policies, and social issues frequently trending.

Foodie Trends: Culinary Conversations

Korean cuisine trends on Twitter reflect the country’s rich culinary culture, with foodies sharing recipes, restaurant reviews, and food challenges.

Fashion and Beauty: Setting Global Trends

Korean fashion and beauty trends, driven by the popularity of K-beauty and street style, often find their way to the top of Twitter’s trending lists.

Sports Fever: Cheering on National Teams

Major sporting events, particularly those involving national teams or Korean athletes, generate significant buzz and support on Twitter.

Cultural Festivals and Holidays

Traditional and modern Korean festivals, along with public holidays, trend on Twitter as people share greetings, experiences, and cultural insights.


Korea’s influence on Twitter trendshashtags is undeniable. The country’s entertainment, technology, and culture resonate worldwide, making Korean trends a staple on the platform.


Q: How do K-pop trends start on Twitter? K-pop trends often begin with fan clubs, known as fandoms, who organize to tweet about specific events, releases, or to support their favorite artists.

Q: Can international events trend in Korea? A: Yes, international events can also trend in Korea, especially if they involve Korean personalities or have a global impact that resonates with the Korean audience.

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